Super Decathlon--8KCAB

American Champion

Sunrise Aviation operates three Decathlons, the airplane most often chosen for basic aerobatics in the US over the past thirty years. With a power to weight ratio of 1:12 and an airframe stressed to accept loads of 6 positive and 5 negative G's, Decathlons are agile and strong, suitable for all basic and intermediate aerobatic maneuvers. Duane Cole, perhaps the best known of all American aerobatic instructors, has stated that the Standard Decathlon is "the best basic aerobatic trainer built." Decathlons are well suited to the skills developed in the first one hundred hours of aerobatic instruction and practice.

Standard Decathlon: 150 hp, fixed pitch, Vne 180 mph, GTOW 1800 pounds
Super Decathlon: 180 hp, constant speed, Vne 200 mph, GTOW 1800 pounds