Video Clip: Accelerated Inverted Spin in the Extra
Sunrise Aviation is proud to offer an Extra 300 (mid-wing) for training and solo rental. Built in Germany by Walter Extra, the EA300 has a Lycoming engine with 540 cubic inch (8.7 liter) displacement, fuel injection and 300 horsepower. Both the two-place version (pictured) and the single-seat variant are active in the top ranks of competition.
The 300 is the best certificated aerobatic airplane in the world. Stressed to 10 positive and 8 negative G's, the Extra is an incredible combination of power and strength, with climb performance and ease of control that are breath-taking.
The airplane is equipped with three video cameras and a digital recording system. Whether for vanity (we all have some) or training, the results are truly dramatic. Many more video clips can be found at our companion site:

NEW!! Sunrise is now an Authorized EXTRA Service Center