A Scheduling, Dispatch and Invoicing utility.
Schedule data is presented graphically to allow users
to browse a full day's activity of all aircraft and instructors.

A. Viewing data:

  • The schedule opens by default to display the current date
  • Color codes are assigned to indicate the status of each time slot
    • White--Available for booking
    • Green--Booked for dual instruction (airplane and instructor)
    • Blue--Booked for rental (no instructor)
    • Cyan--Booked for ground instruction (no airplane)
    • Yellow--Dispatched (booked session has started)
    • Black--Recovered (booked session is complete)
    • Gray--Maintenance (airplane or instructor is off-schedule)
  • Aircraft and Instructors are displayed across the top of the schedule page
  • Mouse-over any time slot to view a thumbnail description of its contents.

B. Changing the date

  • Click new date in calendar, or
  • Choose new month in calendar, then click desired date
  • Click "today" to return to today's date

C. Booking a time slot:

  • Verify correct date
  • Click on an available time slot (airplane or instructor)
    • "Fast Book" page will open
  • Enter unique User ID (not case sensitive; usually LastNameFirstInitial)
    • Variations may be assigned to avoid duplicates
  • Add Airplane or Instructor, if needed
  • Enter destination (if airplane rental)
  • Add notes if desired
  • Enter unique password (not case sensitive)
  • Click "Book"

D. Booking multiple slots

  • Click and drag mouse over adjacent time periods, then release (not available on Macintosh or Linux)
  • Macintosh & Linux: click the first block you wish to schedule. When the "fast book" window opens, you may add (or delete) time slots by clicking the buttons provided.
  • Proceed as above

E. Editing a booking

  • Click an existing booking.
  • Add or subtract time periods with "radio buttons"
  • Change airplanes or instructors with pull-down menus
  • Enter password
  • Click "Save Changes"

F. Viewing or Editing user information

  • Click "Client Info" (not available on Macintosh or Linux)
  • Enter User ID and Password
  • View personal contact info, account balance, aircraft checkouts, aircraft currency, and medical/flight review data
  • Edit and save

G. To Change Password

  • Click "Client Info" (not available on Macintosh or Linux)
  • Enter User ID and Password
  • Enter new password
  • Repeat entry for accuracy
  • Save