FAR Part 61 and 141

US flight training is done according to rules set out in either of two sections of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR): Part 61 or Part 141.

Part 141 ("Approved School") training is closely supervised by the government, from initial Syllabus Approval through random FAA "spot checks" of school records, training methods, and aircraft.

At Sunrise Aviation, training is available under both Part 61and Part 141 in our Private, Instrument and Commercial training courses. There is no difference in the instructors, materials or syllabi used: the quality is identical.

However, there are subtle differences in the required flight hours--in each case, Part 141 students qualify with fewer total hours.

FAR 61
FAR 141
10 hrs Solo
5 hours Solo Cross country
5 hrs Solo
3 hrs Solo Cross country
PIC Cross country: 50 hours
PIC Cross country: N/A
250 hrs total time
190 hrs total time

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