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The FAA sets flight minimums for all Certificates and Ratings. In every case, these minimum numbers are unrealistic for the purpose of estimating course expenses. The figures that follow are slightly more realistic "Sunrise ideal minimums." Even here, numbers can be misleading; it would be best to think of these estimates as "the lowest possible number of hours to do the course if I am an excellent student who flies often." In fact many students will spend 40% more time than these ideal minimums, some more.

Regardless of the estimated figures presented here, all courses are taught to satisfactory demonstration of performance standards established by the Federal Aviation Administration and by the Chief Instructor staff at Sunrise Aviation.

Financial cost will be based on the rate structures currently in effect for materials, aircraft, and instructor time. Rates are published on this site and are subject to change without notice.

Where Ground School is indicated, prospective students should be aware that optional classroom/multi-media programs are offered by Sunrise at an average cost of $300.00.

Necessary supplies vary among the programs. The most expensive package (Private Pilot) averages $300.00

In many cases, it will be necessary to take Knowledge and Flight Tests at the conclusion of training programs. These tests are provided by outside contractors; the approximate cost for both is $500.00.

For those interested in our "Professional Pilot" programs, please go to this link.

ESTIMATES: Last update: October, 2005

PRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE--Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Diamond Eclipse, Citabria
50 hours dual (instructor plus airplane)
10 hours solo (airplane only)
20 hours pre- and post-flight instruction
Ground School
FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Flight Test

Return to Private Certificate

IFR-COMM PREP COURSE--Cessna 172, Diamond Eclipse
(accomplishes the FAA requirement for 50 hours pilot-in-command cross country time required for Part 61 Instrument and all Commercial programs)
5 hours pre- and post-flight instruction
45 hours solo (airplane only)

Return to IFR Rating

INSTRUMENT RATING--Cessna 172, DiamondStar, Cirrus
30 hours dual (instructor plus airplane)
15 hours dual simulator
15 hours pre- and post-flight instruction
Supplies (including Jepp IFR Charts)
Ground School
FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Flight Test

Return to IFR Rating

This estimate presumes the applicant has a Private certificate, an Instrument rating and approximately 230 hours flight time.
5 hours dual C-172 (instructor plus airplane; may not be necessary for all applicants)
10 hours dual C-172RG (instructor plus airplane)
10 hours pre- and post-flight instruction
Ground School
FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Flight Test

Return to Commercial Certificate

CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR-AIRPLANE--Cessna 152, 172, Eclipse, Citabria, Cessna 172RG
48 hours Ground school
32 hours ground
12 hours dual C-152/C-172/Citabria/Eclipse (instructor plus airplane)
8 hours dual C-172RG
FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Flight Test


Return to CFI

12 hours ground
3 hours dual C-172 (instructor plus airplane)
4 hours dual simulator
Ground School
FAA Knowledge Test
FAA Flight Test

Return to CFII

2 hours dual PA-44 (instructor plus airplane)
4 hours Ground
FAA Flight Test

Return to CFI-ME

8 hours dual PA-44 (instructor plus airplane)
2 hour Redbird AATD (Simulator) Dual
11 hours Ground
FAA Flight Test

Return to Multi-VFR

6 hours dual PA-44 (instructor plus airplane)
5 hours Redbird AATD (Simulator) Dual
3 hours Ground
FAA Flight Test

Return to Multi-IFR

5 hours dual PA-44 (instructor plus airplane)
3 hours AATD (Simulator) Dual
4 hours Ground
FAA Knowledge Test. Must be completed prior to flight training
FAA Flight Test

Return to ATP

Do Not Skip This Paragraph
For pilots who have not flown at Sunrise before, course lengths for our various aerobatic programs cannot truly be estimated. We see quite a range in piloting abilities, theoretical knowledge and physical tolerance, all of which influence progress.  As an example, our Basic Aerobatic Course has been completed in as few as 7 flight hours, but more commonly requires 15. In a few rare instances, students have required twice that much time.
More advanced courses are all custom designed for individual students, so estimates are impractical.
Confidence Course--Citabria
2 Hours Ground, 1-3 Hours Flight (instructor plus airplane)
Primary Aerobatic Course--Standard and Super Decathlon (includes tailwheel endorsement)
10-15 hours Flight (instructor plus airplane), 2 hours Ground
Tailwheel Checkout--Citabria (includes spin training)
3-5 Hours Flight (instructor plus airplane), 2-3 hours Ground
All Attitude Awareness Phase 1--Standard and Super Decathlon
3 Hours Flight (instructor plus airplane), 2 Hours Ground

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